Creonomy makes sweet web apps to help designers, illustrators and visual artists be more organized and productive

We strongly believe a new class of entrepreneurs is emerging from the creative communities. Creative industries are creating new ventures, new jobs and new opportunities. They are creating a new economy. Quite often though, they lack the right tools to efficiently manage their work.
We are building a family of apps to bring productivity and organization to the creative industry.

Freelancers, design studios, creative agencies, marketing departments. If you belong to the creative community, chances are you spend 60% of your time doing your work and 40% managing it. We mean organizing your files, dealing with clients, billing... We focus on that 40%. Wheter it is collecting inspiration, getting feedbacks from your teams and clients or managing your projects, Creonomy creates web apps to make your life easier.

Meet our first product


A scrapbook for designers, artists, illustrators

Say goodbye to messy folders and hello to your online private boards. Board is an easy-to-use web app to save inspirational images, organize, share and access them from everywhere. And we also sync your boards with Dropbox.

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Creonomy is a two person independent company started in 2012 and currently based in Berlin, Germany

Corrado (Tech + Dev)

Since the life-turning day of my first PRINT "Hello" at the age of 10, I see programming as the 21st century's craftsmanship. Working for industries like renewable energy, postal services or lawful interception has been fun and meaningful but didn't paired with my passion for design and pixel perfection. Creonomy does. A cool thing about me is that I never write bugs... on purpose. My daily task is to squash the many that I write accidentally. I am truly happy when travelling to places I've never been.

Nicolò (Biz + Community)

I like to see myself as the one spreading the word about Creonomy and our mission to give new tools to the creative communities. I love to think about new products and interact with designers and artists. During my free time I love hosting CreativeMornings Milan. Before Creonomy, I co-founded the Hub Milano, the first Italian center for social innovation, a place where creative people solve social issues. I spend way too much time on Dribbble and too much money on books.